About JNK Components

JNK Components Ltd, commenced business on the 1st September 1975 and was created by three partners – John Elliott (J), Neil O'Boyle (N) and Kevin McNeill (K), forming the name JNK.

JNK Components Main Office / Stores at Pennybridge Industrial Estate Ballymena

JNK Components Main Office / Stores at Pennybridge Industrial Estate Ballymena

With small investment capital, a modest premises was rented at 43 William Street in Ballymena. The business grew steadily and in 1980 JNK purchased land and built the present premises at 25 Pennybridge Industrial Estate. In the meantime the original premises were purchased and JNK ran the two shops together. As the business grew the continual expansion of the product range necessitated the purchase of additional land to the rear of the Pennybridge site. This alleviated the pressure of storage space after the original site in town was sold as Ballymena town developed.

As time progressed the relationship with other motor factors across Northern Ireland grew, eventually forming the present FG7 Group. The Group made a sensible program for greater purchasing power, which became beneficial for both factors and customers alike.

JNK are very aware of the importance of every customer who visits their premises either as trade or for DIY requirements, and advocate the necessity of checking customer requirements regarding the quality of material and delivery required.

From stock, JNK provides a vast range of products from the motor industry's leading names such as Mahle, Varta, Ferodo and Sealey to name just a few - ensuring quality and reliability is delivered.

JNK Staff at work in our shop at Pennybridge Industrial Estate Ballymena

One of the main strengths of JNK is provided by the staff, offering a wealth of knowledge and experience to tackle the most intricate of problems related to the current complexity of modern vehicles. The majority of our staff are long-term employees, indeed some have achieved 25 years. It has always been the policy to treat our staff as well as JNK could afford, maybe a reason for the success and longevity.

Harmony within and without is a very important key to the ongoing success of the company, as times change JNK embraces new technology and computerisation to ensure continued success and efficiency can be enjoyed by both the company and the group.

Be it passenger car, commercial, tractor or general engineering products and tooling JNK can provide the support you demand.